Tuesday, June 14, 2011

QUOTABLES: Michael Bisping discusses second coaching stint on TUF, opposing coach Jason "Mayhem" Miller

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"I feel very privileged to get a second term as a TUF coach. It shows the UFC holds me in high regard. It's great to be seen as a fighter and a personality within the sport. The only downside is that it puts me out of action until December, but it's not like I'm going hungry. All in all, it's a fantastic situation I'm in... I think they have looked at characters, but I want to represent myself well. I've been around [Jason "Mayhem"] Miller many times and he's a pain in the butt. I'm sure if he pesters me enough, he'll get a reaction at some point. I'm sure there will be a bit of back and forth, and we'll have some fun with it. But at the same time, hopefully I can keep my cool and win a few fans around the world ? even in America."

-Michael Bisping talks about getting a second stint as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter as well as his opposing coach Jason Miller on the ESPN UK UFC Podcast (featuring MMATorch's Chris Park).

Penick's Analysis: It's going to be interesting to see how fans react to Bisping this time around. He didn't get the best reaction in season nine, and wound up with a large contingent of fans celebrating in just how violently he was stopped by Henderson at UFC 100. Now, after the blowup that came at him after UFC 127 and the entire incident with Jorge Rivera, he could have an even larger contingent against him this time. Of course, he could also change the minds of fans this time around, and could potentially come off a lot better than he did in his first two stints with the show. We'll find out beginning this September when the season begins airing on Spike.

Source: http://www.mmatorch.com/artman2/publish/UFC_2/article_9529.shtml

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