Saturday, June 4, 2011

‘Rampage’ Jackson doesn’t need to fight anymore, he’s the official BS detector

Some have questioned Quinton Jackson's level of desire to fight Matt Hamill this weekend. Now we know what's been clouding his mind. In this hilarious Boost Mobile commercial, "Rampage" is serving as official bull[expletive] detector.

Watch him go after a banker, a weatherman and a Cris Angel look-a-like.

Rampage got everyone worked up with a recent quote about the Hamill fight.

"If they get to know me, I'm not really excited about anybody I fight. It's my job to me; it's my career. I don't get excited no more," Jackson said. "I've got almost 40 fights. I don't get excited about anybody I fight. I just go in and do it."

When pressed on the topic, Jackson explained:

"I think Matt made a mistake when he actually said he's going to break my will, and that I'm going to overlook him. That actually lit a fire up under my ass, and actually made me train a little bit harder just so I could break his will. So I could make sure I outclass him," said Jackson.

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