Monday, June 6, 2011

Carwin goes with slim look for dos Santos

It had to kill Shane Carwin to watch Cain Velasquez dismantle Brock Lesnar and take the UFC title. Had it not been for stamina issues, the probably should've been Carwin back at UFC 116.

The big man has been gone for a while recovery from back surgery and he's returned with a new look. His face and body are noticeably slimmer. The video above shows off Carwin's new diet with his nutritionist. It's interesting to hear that protein was cut out of the former 285 pounder's diet and stuff like recovery pudding was added.

"People are going to be surprised when they see Shane," Carwin's Brendan Schaub training partner told ESPNRadio1100's "The MMA Insiders" show. "It's the best I've seen him. He's putting things together. His cardio's great and he's more explosive and stronger than ever."

It seems like all the nonsense about the need for another division between 205 and 265 is going by the wayside. Many of the elite heavyweights are fine between 230 and 245 pounds.


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