Friday, March 11, 2011

UFC QUOTABLES: Martin Kampmann wants to get back to knocking people out starting at UFC on Versus 3

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"I [made] a lot of mistakes in that fight [against Jake Shields]. I think I could [have] won it, and it was basically giving it away, through my mistakes. I was trying too hard to submit him and I should have just stuck to punching him in the face instead...

I want to go in there and dictate the pace [against Diego Sanchez]. I want to punch him in the face every time he tries to get in there, and I want to get back to my old days. I want to get back to knocking people out. I started in boxing and Thai boxing, and I think it's time to get back to my roots and start beating people up and standing again...

I like to win, period. If Diego's going to give me submissions, of course I'm going to take it, cause I'm in there to get the win, but I think the fans definitely appreciate knockouts more than submissions, and I don't have any knockouts in the UFC yet, so I think it's about time."

-Martin Kampmann talks to about mistakes he made last October against Jake Shields and getting back to an old style against Diego Sanchez this week on Versus.

Penick's Analysis: It depends on the opponent he's trying to stand up and strike with, but Kampmann can have a lot of success on the feet. It didn't work against Paul Daley, but with his reach advantage he may be able to employ that aspect of his arsenal to great effect against Sanchez this week. Of course, he's also dangerous on his back, and it may be a "pick your poison" type of battle for Sanchez this week. This is a great welterweight fight and I'm excited to see how Kampmann reacts after the Shields loss and how Sanchez builds off an excellent performance against Thiago Silva.


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