Friday, March 11, 2011

Ring wins inexplicable UFC 127 decision over Fukuda

In an incredibly questionable -- to put it nicely -- judges decision, "The Ultimate Fighter" alumnus Nick Ring continued his unbeaten streak, winning a decision over Japanese fighter Riki Fukuda. All three judges saw it 29-28 for Ring. 

Fukuda started the first round with a takedown. Ring tried to work an armbar from the bottom, but he couldn't finish it and kicked out from the bottom. When the two returned to their feet, Fukuda used kicks to batter Ring's legs and move inside to land strikes. Fukuda finished the round with a takedown.

In the second, Fukuda beat up Ring's face and managed another smooth takedown. He clinched with Ring, using knees and short punches to inflict damage. He wasn't overwhelming, but Fukuda definitely controlled the action.

Fukuda picked it up in the third round, coming out with quick strikes and then taking Ring down. They returned to their feet, and Fukuda landed undercuts and then got another takedown. Though he was clearly behind, Ring never went for broke in the final round. He looked beyond rusty in his first fight since appearing on the 11th season of TUF.

Ring looked slightly surprised as his name was read as the winner, and UFC commentator Je Rogan expressed shot by the judges call. Fight Metric had the fight 30-27 for Fukuda, as did Cagewriter. Even UFC president Dana White tweeted his displeasure, "Judges [expletive] suck again!! Fukuda got robbed!!!"


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