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With mental game solidified, Guida wants to make a run at the title

Clay Guida's win over Anthony Pettis was huge in so many ways, but most important may have been the fact that it confirms he made a good move in turning his career over to renowned trainer Greg Jackson.

In the past, Guida had always fallen short in career changing fights. This time, a good gameplan and smart execution allowed him to post the biggest win of his career.

"Everyone knows the cardio is there, but there has to be more than cardio. There has to be composure in the cage," Guida told Cagewriter. "Sometimes I would go out there recklessly. I wasn't using all my energy in the right way, kind of wasting movement."

Guida (29-11, 9-5 UFC) lost title contender fights against Roger Huerta, Diego Sanchez, Tyson Griffin and Kenny Florian.

"With Kenny, I came out strong the first two minutes and then stopped [moving]. I was a sitting target and he picked me apart. I didn't think he had knockout power, but he dropped me. It doesn't happen very often, [but] he dropped me and choked me."

Jackson, a game-planning guru, is working on the mental side of things for Guida.

"The coaches say 'fight with perpetual motion but don't think. Clay, you're not getting paid to think. That's the one thing that stopped me from being successful as a wrestler. I would think too much out there," Guida said. "Some guys are more natrual athletes than myself. A lot of my opposition are more talented than me in the MMA world. The constant pressure and going out there and fighting on basic instinct and reaction is where I'm going to have my success."

Guida sees that he was missing something in those fights. He wasn't a complete fighter, physically or mentally.

"I've lost most of my fights against those top guys. Perhaps at the time it was premature," Guida said.

The 29-year-old feels like his time has arrived.

"Now, I have the mindset. I have the coaching staff. I have great teammates. I have all the confidence in the world that I'm going to be the next lightweight champion of the UFC," said Guida.

Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard still have to meet for a third time to sort things out at the top of the UFC lightweight division, but don't be surprised if Guida has a shot at the winner. Jim Miller has a pivotal fight upcoming in August against Ben Henderson. The former WEC champ is more than capable of pulling off the mild upset.

If Miller is out of the mix, the UFC should throw Guida in there. The guy always delivers exciting performances. He's earned five UFC postfight bonuses and his wrestling would force both Edgar and Maynard into standup wars. The question is, could either catch him on the feet, with his more composed style?


Mac Danzig 

Shine On, "Diamond" Poirier


Joe Doerksen  Chris Dolman Edson Drago  Tomasz Drwal Joe Hybrid Duarte

Strikeforce: Overeem Vs. Werdum


Jermaine Andrè  Yoji Anjo  Ao Hailin  Shinya Aoki  Andrei Arlovski 

Rafaello Oliveira dropping to featherweight for next bout

Rafaello Oliveira returned to the UFC as a late notice replacement for Bart Palaszewski to face Gleison Tibau at UFC 130. Despite being submitted by Tibau, it appears that Oliveira will get another fight with the UFC and he intends to move down a weight class to compete as a featherweight. Oliveira (14-4) had a [...]

Rafaello Oliveira dropping to featherweight for next bout is a post from: MMA Interplay UFC News


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TUF 14 Coach Michael Bisping Reveals Coaching Staff, Talks Mayhem Miller And Chael Sonnen

Michael “The Count” Bisping talks Chael Sonnen, coaching TUF 14 against Jason “Mayhem” Miller, and being back on the show for a third time.

The Ultimate Fighter 14 coach Mayhem Miller Interview here.
Bisping brings in Tiki Ghosn, Brady “Funky” Fink, Razor Rob McCullough and Darren Morris as coaches.


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UFC on Versus 4's Nate Marquardt says 170 a better weight, unsure about GSP fight

Longtime middleweight contender Nate Marquardt never seriously considered a drop to welterweight until a conversation with teammate Georges St-Pierre.

With St-Pierre's urging, Marquardt recently decided to drop to welterweight and now headlines next week's UFC on Versus 4 event against Rick Story.

A victory could put Marquardt immediately into title contention, but as for a possible meeting with St-Pierre, he's remaining tight-lipped.


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PODCAST: UFC 131 review, Paul Daley interview and more on new ESPN UK UFC podcast

The latest edition of the ESPN UK UFC podcast is now out, and hosts Ben Blackmore of ESPN UK, Gareth Davies of the UK Telegraph and Chris Park of MMATorch review UFC 131 from last week and are joined by Strikeforce welterweight Paul Daley as well. Check out links to this week's podcast below:

ESPN UK Links:

iTunes Link:


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UFC 129 St-Pierre vs Shields Weigh-In Highlights - UFC 129

Georges St-Pierre and Jake Shields get on the scale the day prior to their UFC Welterweight Title bout. Watch UFC 129 Live on Pay-Per-View or - Tomorrow, April 30th at 6/9PM PT/ET


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pic request

Does anyone have the old ninjashoes top team symbol from the RPG?


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UFC vs. Strikeforce: 5 Heavyweight Matches To Book

MMANEWS.COM Staff Writer</B><BR><BR>

It?s looking like Dana White?s claim that Strikeforce would continue to function as a separate entity from the UFC may not be wholly true. While nothing has been set in stone, we?re already seeing the slow trickle effect, as Nick Diaz, current Strikeforce welterweight champion, will make his way back to the UFC in October. The brash Stockton rep will meet UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in one of the divisions most anticipated fights in history.<BR><BR>

While we?re not yet privy to much other news of promotional crossovers, rumors have also been circulating around Alistair Overeem and his inevitable trek to the UFC (something we'll likely see by early 2012). It?s hard to solidify those rumors as genuine facts, especially when you consider Overeem?s participation in the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament, but if public speculation holds any weight whatsoever, this tidbit of information is likely true.<BR><BR>

Pulling two of Strikeforce?s largest draws practically ensures the proverbial nail hits the San Jose based promotion's coffin sooner rather than later.<BR><BR>

I thoroughly enjoy Strikeforce, but I must acknowledge that the official merging of the two promotions will eliminate any true form of competition the UFC currently faces. Doing so also further outlines the clear monopolization that Dana White and company have been working towards for years.<BR><BR>

That?s not necessarily a bad thing, and just about every major sport in the world has already proven that one significant league makes for less confusion, more exposure, and ultimately, opens the door to a whole slew of new possibilities for fans. Football fans follow the NFL; baseball fans follow MLB; basketball, NBA, and so on.<BR><BR>

Perhaps it?s time for MMA fans to begin their full-fledged dedication to an official league, and embrace the UFC for the powerhouse it?s become.<BR><BR>

How much longer Strikeforce exists as a functioning promotion is questionable, but the talent pool competing under the banner isn?t, particularly in the heavyweight division. It?s this reason that I now take a look at five compelling matches between some of the best big boys Strikeforce and the UFC have to offer.<BR><BR><!--more-break-->

<B>5. Josh Barnett vs. Frank Mir:</B><BR><BR>

Stylistically these two men share some serious similarities. Both are large, agile men who possess potent striking skills and standout submission abilities. Both men also have held the UFC heavyweight title at some point in their career.<BR><BR>

Josh holds a significant advantage in experience. With 34 fights on his ledger, Barnett has competed in nearly twice as many professional fights (Frank?s r�sum� consists of 20 career appearances), and he?s spent the majority of his career fighting for top flight promotions such as the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, Sengoku and soon, Strikeforce.<BR><BR>

At this time, I?d consider Mir to be the more well-rounded striker of the two; he?s proven extremely capable with his fists, and lately, he?s shown some serious power and precision with his knee strikes and kicks. He?s not as elusive as Barnett, but he?s got the proper tools to hurt the former champion, without question.<BR><BR>

In terms of submission skills, I?d consider this one a dead heat. Both men have submitted more than 50% of their victims, both move with a refined grace once on the mat, and both have submitted quality opposition.<BR><BR>

This is the type of fight that really comes down to cardio. An in-shape Frank Mir likely sticks-and-moves his way to a decision victory. However, the slightest hint of cardiovascular neglect would likely see Barnett bully his way to a late TKO win.<BR><BR>

Flip a coin and smile; this could be a remarkable fight to sign in the future.<BR><BR>

<B>4. Brett Rogers vs. Shane Carwin:</B><BR><BR>

Shane rests considerably higher in the heavyweight ranks than Rogers, but don?t let that fool you, this fight has the potential to be a memorable clash of titans.<BR><BR>

Shane holds a major edge in power, but he?s arguably slower than Rogers, and Brett has a chin that?s damn difficult to rival; the man can take a punch. Superior athletes have toppled Rogers in the past, but the question remains as to just how superior Carwin is.<BR><BR>

Both men are capable wrestlers. Carwin brings a stronger pedigree into the match, and it is, in all honesty his biggest advantage in the fight. If Brett?s chin can hold up under the pressure delivered by Carwin, this one likely makes it to the canvas with Shane on top, dishing out enough punishment to put ?The Grim? away with devastating ground and pound midway through a fifteen minute affair.<BR><BR><!--more-break-->

<B>3. Antonio Silva vs. Junior dos Santos:</B><BR><BR>

Here?s a fight that I salivate over on a near-daily basis. Junior is a top 3 heavyweight competing for the UFC, while ?Bigfoot? Silva is a top 3 Strikeforce heavyweight.<BR><BR>

Silva?s striking is rudimentary when compared to the smooth boxing skills of dos Santos, but he?s a massive man who?s not afraid to engage and he just so happens to possess outrageous physical strength.<BR><BR>

The grappling must favor Silva, who?s proven himself dangerous on the canvas, and likely owns enough power and technique to outmaneuver ?Cigano?s? impressive hips. If this one does indeed escape the striker?s realm, Silva looks like a shoe-in for victory.<BR><BR>

Having said that, dos Santos owns the kind of one-punch power to render the fellow Brazilian unconscious.<BR><BR>

Dos Santos is the more agile of the two men and that could prove the deciding factor in this fascinating fantasy collision. If Junior utilizes his stellar footwork, he likely batters ?Bigfoot? for fifteen minutes. If his impressive takedown defense fails him, look for an onslaught of punishment from the top position from Silva.<BR><BR>

<B>2. Mirko Filipovic vs. Fedor Emelianenko:</B><BR><BR>

If you?ve been following this sport for more than half a decade, you likely dream about this potential rematch as much as I.<BR><BR>

It?s very clear that both of these men have lost some luster, and in a strange sense, that makes this one even more intriguing; a prime Fedor defeats a prime ?Crocop? nine of ten times. But what of two aging warriors who have seemingly fallen behind the pack?<BR><BR>

Filipovic is the superior striker, but his chin has betrayed him in recent years, and he?s become hesitant to unleash the brutal punches and kicks that brought him to prominence.<BR><BR>

Fedor is the superior grappler, but he hasn?t managed to notch a significant submission victory in three years, and he?s not the picture of durability that fans grew to love and admire during Pride Fighting Championship?s peak days.<BR><BR>

Both men are eying potential retirement, and that leaves me even hungrier to see this rematch take place before one officially calls it quits. I?m inclined to believe that Fedor is still the fresher of the two men, and his superior game-planning probably leads him to victory here? but there?s still a piece of me that believes Mirko has one last highlight reel finish in him; how sweet it would be to earn that victory over former rival Emelianenko.<BR><BR>

(A quick note: this fight earns the number two spot on the list based on nostalgic value, not current relevance to the division.)<BR><BR><!--more-break-->

<B>1. Cain Velasquez vs. Alistair Overeem:</B><BR><BR>

You?ll be hard pressed to find an MMA enthusiast who doesn?t consider this the greatest potential clash in the contemporary heavyweight landscape.<BR><BR>

Velasquez is arguably the most effective wrestler in the business. His ability to plant foes on their backs, and avoid being planted on his, is virtually unparalleled. His chin has come into question in the past, but that feels rather irrelevant; not only has he never been knocked out, he?s yet to lose a professional bout. The current heavyweight champion also has an uncanny ability to recover from damage, which is an attribute that just cannot be taught.<BR><BR>

Overeem in contrast is widely regarded as the best striker above 205 pounds, and after winning the 2010 K-1 World Grand Prix, it?s hard to find any basis to form a valid argument otherwise. ?The Demolition Man? hasn?t lost a mixed martial arts bout in nearly four years, and no one in that span has survived beyond the second round with the Dutch kickboxer.<BR><BR>

Stylistically this match-up is everything a MMA fan can ask for. Watching the division?s greatest striker meet the greatest wrestler hearkens back to vintage MMA days, with a ton of technical refinement tossed in the mix. It?s a bout that guarantees fireworks, and to the delight of many, would crown a unified heavyweight champion; whoever were to win this bout is inarguably the greatest heavyweight competing today.<BR><BR>


Kazuyuki Fujita Masakatsu Funaki Zelg Benkei Galesić Mauro Galvao Arman Gambaryan

The Greatest Fights in MMA History


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Reasons Why Alistair Overeem Could Beat Fabricio Werdum

On June 18, 2011, Strikeforce kicks off the second half of the opening round of their World Heavyweight Grand Prix with a packed card highlighted by Alistair Overeem fighting Fabricio Werdum. Overeem is the current Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion, as well as a champion in the K-1 kickboxing promotion and the Japanese MMA promotion known as [...]


Dan Hardy Lee Hasdell Musse Hasselvall Daiki DJ taiki Hata He Peng

Shane Carwin Talks Loss At UFC 131, Can't Remember Much Of Fight

After a devastating loss to Junior Dos Santos this past weekend at UFC 131, Shane Carwin took to his blog to discuss the loss and how he was feeling post fight.<Br><Br>

The following is an excerpt of the blog posting, who can check out the full post <a href=>HERE</a>:<Br><Br>

"Heading into the fight with Junior I knew that I was up against one of the best strikers in the division if not in MMA. He is powerful, accurate and as we saw on Saturday night he is able to take a punch to give a punch. <Br><Br>

Regardless of the obstacle the opportunity was too great to pass up.<Br><Br>

As the fight started I just did not feel like myself, I wasn?t able to get my feet moving and Junior capitalized quickly. As he was pummeling me I kept trying to find a way to defend myself so Herb would not stop the fight. Junior was landing solid shots and that is where probably he broke my nose. <Br><Br>

From that point on the rest of the fight was essentially Junior executing his game plan. His jab was extremely effective and he used the jab to set the pace of the fight. <Br><Br>

The end of the fight was pretty much a blur. Junior was a better fighter than I was last night. His boxing was better and he used his boxing to take me out of the fight. I have nothing but respect for Junior and his camp. He deserves the title shot.<Br><Br>

After the second round I knew I was in trouble. My nose made it impossible to breathe, my eyes were full of blood and Junior was still coming at me. When the ref stopped the fight in the third, I thought it was over. When the doctor came in the octagon I knew it was going to be up to me to sell them on letting me continue. I knew I was in deep trouble but I also knew that all I needed was one clean shot. I wanted to keep myself in the fight. I wasn?t able to see but I said I could and we continued. <Br><Br>

When the final bell rang there was no question in my mind who won the fight. I was pretty out of it and needed some medical care. The adrenaline was leaving my body and the pain was coming on pretty fast.<Br><Br>

After they raised Juniors hand my corner got me back stage to the doctors and it was decided that I needed to go to the emergency room. I did my mandatory drug test and got in the ambulance and went to the hospital.<Br><Br>

I wasn?t able to attend my own after party due to my hospital stay and injuries. After the hospital I went back to my hotel and today I flew home to Colorado. <Br><Br>

I called my Mom to let her know I was okay and to have her help my wife prepare my son for what he was about to see. I then called my manager and really that is about all I have done since the fight. <Br><Br>

I have had a lot of time to reflect on the fight and while I have not seen it and due to the damage I incurred I can?t recall much of the fight. What I do know is this I am a guy learning how to fight at the elite level. Most of my pre UFC fights were just on a whim. If it wasn?t for guys like Bob or Bean I might not even be here. <Br><Br>

My heart can?t be questioned, I think I showed that I have the cardio to fight at this level and I just need to work on my technique. Yes I can knock just about anybody out but I have to continue my quest to become the best fighter in my division.<Br><Br>

Being in wars like I was in last night are important test for your career and I am confident I belong in the cage with the best fighters in the world. I need to keep working hard on my technique and testing myself. There are no easy fights at this level, no gimmes. I have to get my nose fixed and once the swelling goes down I need to have my cheek looked at as it may be broken. I can?t wait to heal and get back into the gym and begin working on my game.<Br><Br>


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QUOTABLES: Michael Bisping discusses second coaching stint on TUF, opposing coach Jason "Mayhem" Miller

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

"I feel very privileged to get a second term as a TUF coach. It shows the UFC holds me in high regard. It's great to be seen as a fighter and a personality within the sport. The only downside is that it puts me out of action until December, but it's not like I'm going hungry. All in all, it's a fantastic situation I'm in... I think they have looked at characters, but I want to represent myself well. I've been around [Jason "Mayhem"] Miller many times and he's a pain in the butt. I'm sure if he pesters me enough, he'll get a reaction at some point. I'm sure there will be a bit of back and forth, and we'll have some fun with it. But at the same time, hopefully I can keep my cool and win a few fans around the world ? even in America."

-Michael Bisping talks about getting a second stint as a coach on the Ultimate Fighter as well as his opposing coach Jason Miller on the ESPN UK UFC Podcast (featuring MMATorch's Chris Park).

Penick's Analysis: It's going to be interesting to see how fans react to Bisping this time around. He didn't get the best reaction in season nine, and wound up with a large contingent of fans celebrating in just how violently he was stopped by Henderson at UFC 100. Now, after the blowup that came at him after UFC 127 and the entire incident with Jorge Rivera, he could have an even larger contingent against him this time. Of course, he could also change the minds of fans this time around, and could potentially come off a lot better than he did in his first two stints with the show. We'll find out beginning this September when the season begins airing on Spike.


Daiki DJ taiki Hata He Peng David Heath Delson Heleno Dan Henderson

The UFC's Deal With Spike TV Ends In 2011... Has The UFC Outgrown Spike TV?

Where can you watch the ufc for free? In today?s cash-strapped economy, that?s a pretty big question to most MMA fans. There?s Facebook, of course. ION Television occasionally. Versus every few months. But above and beyond, the go-to location for the UFC on TV has always been Spike TV. It?s the network that took a [...]


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Jacob Volkmann Gets KO'd By Barack Obama Last Night On Jay Leno


Kotetsu Boku  Tony Bonello Stephan Bonnar Lorenzo Borgomeo  Kyle Bradley 

Its Thai Time!

W/ the homie @odinrock !!


Bernard Ackah  Terrance Aflague Yoshihiro Akiyama  Gilbert Aldana  José Aldo 

Miami Hustle Episode 1: ?What Are You Good At??

Episode one of Ghengis Con’s web-based reality series “Miami Hustle,” featuring Jorge Masvidal, Alexis Vila, Gesias Cavalcante, Jorge Santiago and Juan Carlos Faraldo.


Ryan Bader  Siyar Bahadurzada Bao Ligao  Josh Barnett  David Baron 

Best Of The Rest: UFC 131 "Dos Santos vs. Carwin"

Hello once more fans and friends and welcome to another new edition of ?Best of the Rest?! I really enjoy taking the time to give my detailed thoughts on a show after watching it, but after the serious discussion and debate I?ll raise in topics like ?Top 5 Best Moments? and ?Best Performance of the [...]


John Alessio  Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez Thiago Alves 

Gina Carano out of June 18 fight due to unspecified medical reasons

The long-awaited return of Gina Carano to the ring has become even longer, as Strikeforce head Scott Coker announced earlier today during a conference call with media that the popular female fighter had not received medical clearance from the athletic commission in Texas and has been removed from the card. However, a report by Sports [...]


Dan Henderson Josh Hendricks Ed Herman Heath Herring Branden Lee Hinkle

Dana White on New York: 'I'm Never Confident' - Dana White

Dana White on New York: 'I'm Never Confident' Video by Dana White


Luiz Buscapé Firmino Spencer Fisher Jon Fitch Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes

UFC 131 Countdown


Luciano Azevedo  Ba Te er  Ryan Bader  Siyar Bahadurzada Bao Ligao 

Shawn Michaels Talks About His New Hunting Show & His WWE Career

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke with about a hunting trip in Canada he participated in.

HBK will be starring in his own...


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Monday, June 13, 2011

Power to the refs!!!

One slightly change only...

What if refs could suspend the end of a round if a fighter has a submission hold locked immediately before the end of...


Dos Caras Jr   Phil Cardella Roan Jucao Carneiro Shane The Engineer Carwin  Jason Hollywood Chambers

KJ Noons Uncaged Episode 1


Forrest Griffin Tyson Griffin Karn Grigorian Karen Grigoryan Kendall Grove

UFC 131: Cerrone crushes the legs of Rocha for second UFC win

Donald Cerrone's transition to the UFC has been nothing but smooth. He made sure of that at UFC 131 by crushing Vagner Rocha with leg kicks. Rocha, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, could never get the fight to the mat and took massive damage to his legs. Cerrone rolled to a unanimous decison, 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26, in the first fight on the pay-per-view portion of UFC 131 in Vancouver.

There were questions about Cerrone, a former WEC lightweight champ, when he was brought on board by the UFC, the biggest promotion under the Zuffa umbrella. He's now won two straight in the UFC over Paul Kelly�and Rocha, and three in a row overall.

"My wrestling has gotten better and better thanks to Greg Jackson and all of the wrestlers down there. I'm working with guys like Clay Guida, Melvin Guillard and the Vanier brothers every day. I'm disappointed that I didn't get the chance to finish him," said Cerrone.

Cerrone's muay thai just destroyed Rocha all night long.� Cerrone (15-3, 2-0 UFC)�landed dozens of kicks on the outside and inside of Rocha's lead leg. By the third round, Rocha switched stances for a brief second and was limping. Over the final two minutes of the fight, he was wincing on each nasty leg kick that landed.

"After the first round, I could tell the leg kicks started bothering him. I just didn't let my hands go after negating the takedown. I'm happy with the win, but you know I always want to put on exciting fights," said Cerrone.

Rocha (6-2, 0-1 UFC) tried for takedowns throughout, but lacked the size and technique to threaten Cerrone. A replacement for Mac Danzig, he was simply overmatched at this point in his career.

"That was just a bad fight for me. It wasn't what I had planned at all. I was really frustrated that he was able to defend the takedowns that well and it threw my game plan completely off," said Rocha.


Jon Fitch Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes Xavier Foupa Pokam Hermes Franca

Best MMA Nickname EVA!!

Jesse "The Water" Bongfelt

By virtue of this awesome nickname, he is my first favorite fighter.


Rich No Love Clementi  Mark The Hammer Coleman Wes Soldier Combs  Ray Cooper  Kit Cope 

New York MMA Update: Last Gasp for 2011 Session

Time is running out on the 2011 legislative session in New York, which means the hopes for sanctioned MMA in the Empire State are rapidly dwindling.� Cue UFC president Dana White and his impassioned guest op-ed in today?s New York Daily News! With only a few days left for a bill to become a law, [...]


Shane The Engineer Carwin  Jason Hollywood Chambers Ryo Piranha Chonan  Dan The Sandman Christison  Logan The Pink Pounder Clark 

Paul Daley vs. "Cyborg" Santos slated for "Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson"

A welterweight bout between Paul Daley and Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos has been added to next month's "Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson" event.

Daley's management team announced the booking on Sunday, though Strikeforce officials haven't confirmed it.

"Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Henderson" takes place July 30 at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill. The main card, including a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson headliner, airs on Showtime.


José Aldo  John Alessio  Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez

Yves Jabouin vs. Ian Loveland slated for UFC 134 in Brazil

A bantamweight bout between Ian Loveland and Yves Jabouin is slated for August's UFC 134 event.

Officials today announced that verbal agreements are in place for the fight.

The bout likely will be part of the preliminary card of UFC 134, which takes place Aug. 27 at HSBC Arena in Rio De Janeiro. The pay-per-view headliner pits middleweight champion Anderson Silva against Yushin Okami.


Mac Danzig  Karen Darabedyan Viacheslav Datsik Marcus Davis  Tony DeSouza 

Best Performance Of The Night: Travis Browne At UFC 130: "Rampage vs. Hamill"

It?s that time once again, fans and friends. Another major MMA event has come and gone, and it?s time for my unofficial ?Best Performance of the Night? award. Unfortunately, UFC 130: ?Rampage vs. Hamill? continues a trend that?s plagued the last few entries into ?BPOTN?. To summarize: it?s hard to pick the best performance from [...]


Kenny Florian Jesse Forbes Xavier Foupa Pokam Hermes Franca Rich Franklin

UFC 131 co-headliner Diego Nunes: You may not know me now, but you will

Despite getting a co-headlining spot on Saturday's UFC 131 card, Diego Nunes has every right to lodge complaints.

Despite a 16-1 record, he's a significant underdog to opponent Kenny Florian, who's never fought at 145 pounds. And unlike Florian, Nunes hasn't been rumored for a guaranteed title shot if victorious at UFC 131.

No biggie, the Brazilian said. If the MMA world doesn't know he is now, they will come Saturday.


Joe Hybrid Duarte Aldrin de Jesus  Todd Duffee  Marvin Eastman  Stav Crazy Bear Economou 

UFC 131 co-headliner Diego Nunes: You may not know me now, but you will

Despite getting a co-headlining spot on Saturday's UFC 131 card, Diego Nunes has every right to lodge complaints.

Despite a 16-1 record, he's a significant underdog to opponent Kenny Florian, who's never fought at 145 pounds. And unlike Florian, Nunes hasn't been rumored for a guaranteed title shot if victorious at UFC 131.

No biggie, the Brazilian said. If the MMA world doesn't know he is now, they will come Saturday.


Masakatsu Funaki Zelg Benkei Galesić Mauro Galvao Arman Gambaryan Manvel Gamburyan

Actual UFO / Alien Abductee - Speaks On 2012


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

UFC 131 Post-Fight Press Conference Video

UFC 131 Post-Fight Press Conference Video.

– Fight of the Night: Jon-Olav Einemo vs. Dave Herman (70k)
– Knockout of the Night: Sam Stout (70k)
– Submission of the Night: Chris Weidman (70k)
– Attendance: 14,685
– Gate: 2.8 million


José Aldo  John Alessio  Houston Alexander Ricardo Almeida  Eddie Alvarez

John Makdessi vs. Paul Taylor official for UFC on Versus 5 this August

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

An exciting lightweight bout between John Makdessi and Paul Taylor is the latest addition to the UFC on Versus 5 card this August.

The UFC has officially added the fight, which was previously reported by former reporter Tomas Rios, to the August 14 card, which will be the UFC's first ever event in Milwaukee, Wisc.

Taylor makes his 10th appearance in the Octagon in this fight, coming off a head kick knockout of Gabe Ruediger at UFC 126 in February. That win snapped a two fight losing streak, and brought Taylor's overall UFC record to 4-5 since making his debut four years ago.

Canadian lightweight Makdessi has been extremely impressive in his two UFC fights, displaying an excellent striking game in his debut against Pat Audinwood and then pulling off a great spinning back fist KO of Kyle Watson at UFC 129 in Toronto in April. The consecutive wins pushed his career record to a perfect 9-0.

UFC on Versus 5 comes to the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, and is headlined by a welterweight bout between Dan Hardy and Chris Lytle.

Penick's Analysis: This is a good lightweight fight, and another opportunity for Makdessi to showcase his very entertaining stand up game. Taylor's a tough opponent, and he's only been finished once in the UFC, but Makdessi should be the favorite entering this one. Though the main event is one of the weakest the UFC will put on this year for any card, with Hardy coming off of three consecutive losses, the card as a whole is looking pretty good, and it should be a good debut for the organization in Milwaukee.


Dan Hardy Lee Hasdell Musse Hasselvall Daiki DJ taiki Hata He Peng

Junior dos Santos Dominates Shane Carwin, Secures Title Shot After UFC 131 Victory

There’s a big showdown looming in the UFC’s heavyweight division. Top contender Junior dos Santos solidified his spot as Cain Velasquez’s first title defense with an impressive win over Shane Carwin at UFC 131. Not many expected Saturday’s main event to last the full 15 minutes, but fans who packed the Rogers Center in Vancouver, [...]


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Press confrence

Is anyone else noticing the amazingly stupid questions that the press is asking? I mean for real k-flo has been asked the same question 100 diffrent...


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UFC 131 Post-Fight News & Notes: Florian ?More Than Likely? To Face Aldo

Rundown of UFC 131 post-fight news and notes… ? Despite reports that UFC 131 ticket sales were hurting due to Stanley Cup fever in Vancouver, 14,685 UFC fans still filled Rogers Arena for a $2.8 million gate. The numbers were down from the UFC’s first trip to Vancouver last year, but still solid nonetheless. ? [...]


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UFC 130 "Rampage vs. Hamill" pay-per-view estimate comes in at 300-325K buys

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

The UFC was put in a bad spot last month with their UFC 130 event. The card was supposed to have a Lightweight Title rematch between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard, and after their fantastic fight to a draw in January interest was expected to be up.

But both fighters suffered injuries that took them out of the event, and the already maligned co-main event between Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Matt Hamill was thrust into the top spot by default.

However, considering the circumstances, the event was a success on pay-per-view for the UFC.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter, pay-per-view estimates for the event have it coming in between 300,000 and 325,000 buys.

That number is low for the UFC's average, but actually a really good number for this particular event. Considering the Edgar vs. Maynard fight at UFC 125 only drew around 270,000 buys, as did February's UFC 127 event with B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch, this card did much better than expected.

The UFC continues a very unclear stretch of pay-per-view draws over the summer on Saturday, when Junior Dos Santos and Shane Carwin square off in a number one contender fight in the heavyweight division.

Carwin has been a part of a show that drew a million buys in last year's UFC 116 event, but that was for Brock Lesnar and there's no telling how his performance in that fight will translate to buys. Same goes for Dos Santos, who has never headlined a UFC event but who did have over a million people watching him as a coach during this season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Then next months' UFC 132 event has a Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz headlining against Urijah Faber, despite the fact that Cruz is making his UFC debut. Add to that the fact that Faber's pay-per-view headlining fight with Jose Aldo last year brought in under 200,000 buys and neither fighter has proven anything yet in terms of their draw. Faber being a part of UFC 128 in March may help, as that show did fairly well and he was the co-main event, but these are two guys that a large segment of the UFC pay-per-view buying fanbase either doesn't know much about or hasn't paid for in the past.

UFC 133 then comes next with Rashad Evans and Phil Davis in the top spot in August, and that card is likely to test the basement for UFC events as well.

Until UFC 134 in August in Brazil, there aren't any major proven draw fights on the schedule, so for now expectations will be tempered for any of these cards. But this number for UFC 130 means that this card did better than expected, and that's a good thing for the UFC.

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Penick's Analysis: Rampage is still a draw, at least for now, regardless of the opponent, and that's probably a large part of what made this card do as well as it did. Of course, after yet another fight going to the judges, that may not translate to people continuing to tune in to make him a draw, but with the next fight being a title fight with Jon Jones I think interest will be back up again. The summer is going to be rough for the UFC, but the fall could bring a lot of business as some of their champions get back in action and some better overall fight cards are available to them to put together.


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(Pic) of the Octagon mat after UFC 131: "Dos Santos vs. Carwin" on June 11 in Vancouver, British...


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Massenzio Tapped for Soszynski Bout on Saturday


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UFC's Tom Wright: "We're really happy with ticket sales" for UFC 131

It's only logical that the UFC eventually would have to share Canada with hockey.

With three events up north in 2010 and the same number expected this year, the promotion was bound to run into the country's second most popular combat sport, where occasionally, a game breaks out.

The UFC knew full well it was on the Vancouver Canucks' turf when it booked UFC 131. But they hardly could've anticipated the team going on an impressive run that led to the Stanley Cup Finals.


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